Journal Articles

Hyab Teklehaimanot Yohannes (2021) Refugee Trafficking in A Carceral Age: A Case Study of the Sinai Trafficking, Journal of Human Trafficking, DOI: 10.1080/23322705.2021.1885005 

Hyab Teklehaimanot Yohannes (2020) Commentary, Language and Intercultural Communication, 20:2, 213-217, DOI: 10.1080/14708477.2020.1722689

Blogs & Online Sources

Hyab Teklehaimanot Yohannes (2018) ‘Born rightless, die rightless’, Right to Remain, Link:

Hyab Teklehaimanot Yohannes (2020) ‘We are still burning’ – survivors of Beskdira and Ona massacre, Blina Shama UK, Link:

Hyab Teklehaimanot Yohannes (2020) Blina Shama UK: Creating a Sanctuary after Home Loss, Blina Shama UK, Link: 

Co-Authored Articles/Blogs

Hyab Teklehaimanot Yohannes and Tesfalem Habte Yemane (2020) From structural vulnerability to resilience: A reflexive essay on refugee-led responses to COVID-19, Rational Justice Network – UK, Link:

Alison Phipps and Hyab Teklehaimanot Yohannes (2020) Eritrean culture comes to the fore as part of Unesco’s 75th birthday, The National, Link:

Dayana Balgabekova, Rebecca Ipe, Yaxi Wang and Hyab Teklehaimanot Yohannes (2020) PGR Team 681: The hidden curriculum of doctoral camaraderie, Link: