ሰላም! Selam! Hello!

I am a research associate with the UNESCO RILA team at the University of Glasgow. My work involves conducting research and synthesising findings to provide insights into theoretical, methodological, and policy-related questions. My research interests include (b)ordering (physical, onto-epistemic, spatio-temporal, juridico-political, etc.), (de)coloniality, and political theories.

Recently, I co-edited a Special Issue on Intercultural Knowledge Production for the Journal of Language and Intercultural Communication. I am also currently co-editing a Handbook of Cultures of Sustainable Peace for Multilingual Matters. Additionally, I have signed a book contract with Routledge for my upcoming publication entitled ‘The Refugee Abyss‘.

Furthermore, I am a member of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland. Outside of academia, I hold several management and leadership roles, providing organisational oversight.

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