ሰላም! Selam! Hello!

As an academic with a PhD in The Realities of Eritrean Refugees in a Carceral Age from the University of Glasgow, I currently work as a research associate and academic coordinator for CUSP N+. My role involves several key responsibilities, including conducting research, synthesizing findings, and drawing together expertise from a range of disciplines to provide insights on theoretical, methodological, and policy-oriented questions. I also develop and build academic and non-academic collaborations with partners across multiple disciplines and regions. Currently, I am co-writing several articles and book chapters, co-editing a special issue, “Intercultural Knowledge Production: Against Epistemic Violence and Towards Restorative Integration,” and a handbook for “Cultures of Sustainable Peace.”

I recently signed a book contract with Routledge for my upcoming book, “The Coloniality of the Refugee.” I am also a member of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland.

Additionally, I am involved in several management and leadership roles, providing organizational oversight. Recently, I was appointed as a member of the International Survivors of Trafficking Advisory Council, where I support the work of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in combating human trafficking.

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