The reunion

I am writing this reflection sitting next to my sister in Cairo. I decided to come to Cairo for three weeks to attend Brhan’s wedding and spend some time with my sister. 2017 has been very special in so many ways. Here are some of my highlights:

The reunion: After a long battle with the Home Office, my fiancée and I are reunited in the UK. An immigration judge allowed my fiancée to join me in the UK on appeal. The Home Office’s initial decision to refuse my fiancée’s entry clearance application meant that she had to endure detention and trafficking. She was detained in Egypt for about four months before she managed to return to Sudan and eventually came to the UK.

My fiancée is spending her first New Year in the UK. I had a call from her a few minutes ago. She is spending the New Year with Hadas, Isaac, Yacob and Sarah.

After a long battle with the Home Office, my fiancée and I are reunited in the UK. 

I met my sister: As I mentioned above, I got the opportunity to meet my sister, Letina, in person after almost eight years. She survived trafficking and is now Cairo, Egypt.

Brhan’s wedding: My long-time friend, Brhan Saeed, got married on 25 December, 2017. It is an honour to have attended Brhan’s wedding in Cairo.

MA at SOAS University of London: I submitted my MA dissertation in September 2017. The grades are now out; I completed my MA Degree with Distinction at SOAS University of London.

PhD Prospects: I am hoping to go for a PhD program at the University of Glasgow, but I need to find funding or scholarship to be able to study. Fingers crossed!

I need to concentrate on discussions going on right now over an Eritrean coffee.

Happy New Year!

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Hyab Yohannes

I work as a research associate and academic coordinator for CUSP N+, and I hold a PhD in The Realities of Eritrean Refugees in a Carceral Age from the University of Glasgow. My research focuses on decoloniality, and I am an Eritrean-UK citizen.

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  • I knew what you’re going through even when I was in the prison in Aswan but never doubted that you’re doing everything you can to help me get out of the dark cell. And you did fight hard to make sure the reunion happens. You’re an incredible human being and I can only say THANK YOU!

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